Month 2: Ready to Explore

In April we were really able to get out there and explore since we've become more settled. We taste tested sweet Korean rice wine called makkoli, stocked up on familiar foods in Itaewon, and hiked up Cheonggyesan Mountain to celebrate Easter. The cherry blossoms and magnolia trees were a stunning sight during the first week of the month. … Continue reading Month 2: Ready to Explore

A trip to real Korea: Seokbulsa Temple

It was my last day in Busan, and I had saved to most demanding site for last. Today was the day I would trek to Seokbulsa Temple. This peculiar temple appears in many posts online, all of which praise its beauty. It was definitely worth the trip. Want to know how to get there? Check out my … Continue reading A trip to real Korea: Seokbulsa Temple