Korean kids react to Warhead candy

Wow! I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from the warhead video, but I’m happy you’ve all liked it so much!

I first told a couple kids about Warheads after a couple of them had tried sour jujubes and considered those sour. I said I would give them something that is really sour. After picking up a bag from Korean Costco a month later, I brought enough candy into school for each of my students to try. I hastily decided I would film their reactions because I knew some of them wouldn’t be able to handle it. My korean students can be so dramatic, so this was perfect. Their reactions were either 1) “THIS IS SOUR!!!1! AAAURGHHH” or 2) “when does it get sour?”. I think the many of the kindergardeners were best able to handle it, but the 10-11 year old students couldn’t take it. I even had some spit it out.

The students were great about it, and now want Warheads alllll the time. Lucky for them I have a bag of 200, but they have to work for it now.

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