Seoul Saturdays

When we decided to move to Korea, Anyang seemed like a good fit, in part because of its easy access to Seoul. And sure enough, most weekends we find ourselves taking the 40 minute subway into the city of  almost 10 million people to explore some of Korea's best experiences. It has food, culture, energy, history, … Continue reading Seoul Saturdays

A trip to real Korea: Seokbulsa Temple

It was my last day in Busan, and I had saved to most demanding site for last. Today was the day I would trek to Seokbulsa Temple. This peculiar temple appears in many posts online, all of which praise its beauty. It was definitely worth the trip. Want to know how to get there? Check out my … Continue reading A trip to real Korea: Seokbulsa Temple

Chaos and Catnaps

35 days may sound like a long time, but it has passed so quickly for us. Between settling in, learning about the culture, and teaching we haven’t had much time to really appreciate the changes. Let’s recap our experience in Korea so far in a couple time period posts. This one will cover our very first impressions.